Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional deaths in importance among Canadian children aged one to four years, which represents more than a fifth of all deaths in this age group. The hospitalization rate for near drowning peaked in the group of toddlers, the risk is five times higher than among older children. Drowning of infants and toddlers tend to occur at home or close to it, especially with infants in their bathroom, and toddlers falling into a pool.


The swimming lessons for babies and swimming lessons for toddlers from the age of a few months are widespread in Canada. These courses are designed to introduce children to water, giving them confidence in their water and teach water safety to parents and guardians. Few studies have examined readiness for swimming lessons in this age group. It is reported that children can not handle the confidence in the water and aquatic skills base for four years, regardless of the age of the beginning of the course. Children acquire the skills needed for freestyle 5.5 years, they started their course of two, three or four years swim.