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This was only release in Japan. This contain the Kiss albums Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, and Love Gun

Track List

Record 1 1. Detroit Rock City 2. King of the Night Time World 3. God of Thunder 4. Great Expectations 5. Flaming Youth 6. Sweet Pain 7. Shout It Out Loud 8. Beth 9. Do You Love Me?

Record 2 1. I Want You 2. Take Me 3. Calling Dr. Love 4. Ladies Room 5. Baby Driver 6. Love'Em ans Leave'Em 7. Mr.Speed 8. See You In Your Dreams 9. Hard Luck Woman 10. Makin' Love

Record 3 1. I Stole Your Love 2. Christine Sixteen 3. Got Love for Sale 4. Shock Me 5. Tomorrow and Tonight 6. Love Gun 7. Hooligan 8. Almost Human 9. Plaster Caster 10. Then She Kissed Me

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