Carnival of Souls KISS

Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions is Kiss' 17th studio album, and last produced before the reunion of the original Kiss members. Recorded and slated for release in 1995/early 1996, Kiss cancelled its release when they embarked on the reunion tour. However, fans located and circulated bootleg copies in fairly large numbers. Kiss finally released the album in 1997.

The last track, "I Walk Alone," was the only lead vocal performance on a Kiss album by guitarist Bruce Kulick.

Two former members of Black 'N Blue co-wrote songs on this album: vocalist Jaime St. James co-wrote "In My Head", while guitarist and future Kiss member Tommy Thayer collaborated on "Childhood's End".

Track listingEdit

No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. "Hate" Gene Simmons, Scott Van Zen, Bruce Kulick Gene Simmons 4:36
2. "Rain" Paul Stanley, Kulick, Curtis Cuomo Paul Stanley 4:46
3. "Master & Slave" Stanley, Kulick, Cuomo Stanley 5:00
4. "Childhood's End" Simmons, Tommy Thayer, Kulick Simmons 4:20
5. "I Will Be There" Stanley, Kulick, Cuomo Stanley 3:49
6. "Jungle" Stanley, Kulick, Cuomo Stanley 6:49
7. "In My Head" Simmons, Van Zen, Jaime St. James Simmons 4:00
8. "It Never Goes Away" Stanley, Kulick, Cuomo Stanley 5:42
9. "Seduction of the Innocent" Simmons, Van Zen Simmons 5:16
10. "I Confess" Simmons, Ken Tamplin Simmons 5:23
11. "In the Mirror" Stanley, Kulick, Cuomo Stanley 4:26
12. "I Walk Alone" Simmons, Kulick Bruce Kulick 6:07


  • Paul Stanley - rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Gene Simmons - bass guitar, vocals
  • Bruce Kulick - lead guitar, vocals
  • Eric Singer - drums, percussion