Asylum album cover
Asylum is the 13th studio album by the American band Kiss. It features the debut of lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, who played with the band on their Animalize tour and officially replaced Mark St. John in September 1984. He was the band's third lead guitarist since the departure of Ace Frehley in late 1982.[1] This new lineup of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Carr, and Kulick would last for 6 years until Carr's death in November 1991.

The color of the lips on the sleeve mimic the colors of the 1978 solo releases: red for Simmons, purple for Stanley, blue for the lead guitarist (here Kulick, rather than Ace Frehley) and green for the drummer (here Carr, rather than Peter Criss).

The tour for this album featured the largest Kiss logo on stage the band has ever used, as well as one of the largest lighting rigs. No concert footage of this tour was used in the Kissology II release, minus silent film which is overshadowed by graphics in the menu

RIAA: Platinum

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. "King of the Mountain" Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, Desmond Child Stanley 4:17
2. "Any Way You Slice It" Gene Simmons, Howard Rice Simmons 4:02
3. "Who Wants To Be Lonely" Stanley, Child, Jean Beauvoir Stanley 4:01
4. "Trial By Fire" Simmons, Kulick Simmons 3:25
5. "I'm Alive" Stanley, Kulick, Child Stanley 3:43
6. "Love's a Deadly Weapon" Stanley, Simmons, Rod Swenson, Wes Beech Simmons 3:29
7. "Tears Are Falling" Stanley Stanley 3:55
8. "Secretly Cruel" Simmons Simmons 3:41
9. "Radar for Love" Stanley, Child Stanley 4:02
10. "Uh! All Night" Stanley, Child, Beauvoir Stanley 4:01



  • Jean Beauvoir - bass and backing vocals on "Who Wants to Be Lonely" and "Uh! All Night"